Change of CEO

Our CEO, Michael Bowe, will be retiring on the 26th of April after over 30 years in the role. Our new CEO, Niamh McTiernan, started on March 25th. Michael is extremely proud of the work carried out by Dublin Northwest Partnership since he joined as CEO in September 1991. 

Change of CEO: Our Outgoing CEO, Michael Bowe, and our Incoming CEO, Niamh McTiernan

A message from Michael:

“The changes made to people’s lives in the areas we work in have been enormous. In my time here, Dublin Northwest Partnership has gone from a one-person organisation to 53 core staff and a further 100 employed through our TUS Scheme. We have come through many challenges; changes in government policies impacting funding, an economic downturn when staff and services were cut, mergers, Covid-19 and more recently Ukrainian refugees and International Protection Applicants. We have survived these storms because we deliver on our core aims; to get people distant from the labour market into work, tackling social and economic disadvantage, and increasing educational achievement. 

“I am hugely thankful to staff, both past and present, for their commitment to the organisation. They have been extraordinarily supportive and experts in their roles. We get consistently positive feedback from individuals and community groups using our services and that’s thanks to the professionalism of our staff. 

“The Board has been unbelievable over the years. I am hugely appreciative of the time and effort they put into the management and running of this organisation. I am so grateful for the level of trust they put in our hands to run the organization, in the knowledge that we have, collectively, put appropriate oversight systems in place that ensured excellent governance standards and that has allowed us to get to where we are today. 

“I want to acknowledge the community groups we work with, without them the people we are trying to reach wouldn’t get the support they need. I want to encourage them to keep providing what their community needs in all its different forms. The work they’ve done, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their creativity and resourcefulness have been truly inspiring. 

“Dublin Northwest Partnership is part of 49 partnership companies throughout Ireland. I’ve had the privilege of connecting regularly with the 48 other CEOs and representatives from their Boards and I want to thank them for providing huge behind-the-scenes support over the years. 

“I also want to thank the local TDs who have supported our work and finally to wish Niamh well in the role. I have no doubt her talent and skill will allow Dublin Northwest Partnership to continue to build vibrant communities by supporting and empowering marginalised people.” 

A message from Niamh:

“I started my career in Dublin Northwest Partnership as a Community Development Worker back in 2005. I had an excellent experience working here and I’m so glad to be back in Finglas where I feel a deep connection. 

“I believe Local Development Companies, like this one, are vehicles for change. We work in so many areas that we can provide lots of opportunity for people in the community. We are part of a network of fabulous Local Community Groups that make up the components needed to improve lives. I intend to build on the legacy of trust that Michael has built here. I look forward to working with staff, the Board, local organisations, people in the community and all our other stakeholders.” 

And finally, a message from the Board:

“On behalf of the Board, we would like to extend thanks and well-wishes to Michael”
Aine Clancy – Chairperson