Community Care & Repair

Community Care
& Repair

The DNP Care and Repair team is available to vulnerable people living within the catchment and to local community groups. The service undertakes small jobs, at a reasonable cost for people that struggle to maintain their homes and also carries out small scale work for local community groups The service also co-ordinates the Senior Alert Scheme (SAS) which provides personal monitored alarms for older people.

The Community Care and Repair service is delivered with the support of the Governments Tús Programme and Community Employment Scheme. Manager, Derek Costello, provides a link between the team and the customer and will oversee the work to ensure it is completed to the required standard. All staff are Garda vetted.

What Services are provided

Type of work undertaken for


  • Grass cutting/leaf raking
  • Hedge trimming
  • Fitting battery operated smoke alarms
  • Small paint jobs
  • Installing grab rails and secondary stair rails
  • Changing light bulbs/fuses/plugs
  • Home readiness (people returning from hospital)
Type of work undertaken for

Community Groups

  • Grass cutting
  • Hedge trimming
  • Small paint jobs
  • Small scale maintenance work

Senior Personal Alarm Scheme

The objective of the Senior Alert Scheme (SAS) is to encourage community support for vulnerable older people in our communities through the provision of personal monitored alarms.

Funding is made available by the Department of Rural and Community Development towards the purchase of equipment (personal alarm and pendant).

If you are interested in learning
more about our Community Care and Repair or the Senior Alert Scheme please contact Derek Costello


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