Community Development


Community Development is a process that seeks to build strong, sustainable communities by bringing people and groups together for the good of the wider community and society. Based on principles of equality, fairness and respect it sets out to influence power structures and to remove barriers that prevent people from influencing decisions that affect their lives.


Our aims


To enhance and develop social, economic and environmental aspects of the area, with a specific focus on those areas and communities that continue to experience poverty and disadvantage.


To build on existing skills and capacities of Local Community Groups and to support their participation in networks and decision-making bodies where their voices can be heard.


To provide outreach and engagement services within the catchment area to help link individuals from community groups to DNP supports and services in the areas of Education, Training and Employment/Self-Employment.

Support for Community Groups

Supporting existing and emerging Local Community Groups is a key focus of DNP. Local Community Groups can participate in our social inclusion network, avail of one-to-one mentoring and support, as well as a variety of free training and information sessions to build their capacity to work effectively.


Supports available

  • Accessing funding
  • How to set up a Community Group
  • Committee skills training
  • Governance and legislative compliance training
  • Human Resources training
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Risk management, health and safety
  • Community consultation
  • Action planning
  • Support in developing and implementing strategic plans
  • Enabling groups to participate in local, regional and national decision-making bodies and to advocate on behalf of the areas and groups they represent.

For more information on supports for Local Community Groups contact:

Pauline Hazel – Community Development Outreach Officer

Patricia Whelan – Community Development Outreach Officer 

Social Inclusion Seminar 2020: From Left to Right- Mary Corridan, Michael Bowe, Senator Lynn Ruane, Lord Mayor Cllr. Paul McCauliffe and Tommy Simpson (Director DNP)

Social Inclusion Network

The Social Inclusion Network provides a learning and developmental space for Community Groups in our catchment working to promote social inclusion. Members of the Social Inclusion Network support one another to develop best practice in social inclusion work and to share their experience with the wider community. The Social Inclusion Network meets quarterly.

DNP hosts an annual Social Inclusion Seminar (normally January/February) to showcase social inclusion work and stimulate further networking and discussion on social inclusion issues.

For more information on the Social Inclusion Network
please contact Ann Devoy Kelly

Social Enterprise

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a business which trades in either goods or services to address a local, national, or international issue. A key difference between a social enterprise and a traditional business is that any surplus generated by a social enterprise is reinvested in pursuing societal or environmental goals.

Social Enterprises service markets as diverse as the environment, food & drink, childcare, transport, education and training, work integration, tourism, health, and specialist services.

How can we help?

As each social enterprise is different, a plan is developed at the initial meeting to set out the supports  needed to either develop and explore a new business idea or to outline the supports available to expand and grow an existing social enterprise. Supports available from the Dublin Northwest Partnership include:

  • One-to-one meetings 
  • Access to a panel of experienced mentors
  • Assistance with feasibility studies
  • Links to relevant networks
  • Information on funding opportunities and assistance with funding applications

For more information on Social Enterprise
please contact Paul Hennelly