Sage Advocacy Older Persons Information Session

Wednesday 24th April in the AXIS Centre, Main Street, Ballymun at 2.30pm

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An advocate can help with issues such as:

  • Planning ahead
  • Role of Independent Advocate
  • ADMCA -The Assisted Decision Making Capacity Act (2015)

More Information about SAGE

SAGE work with you will always be FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and INDEPENDENT of family, service provider or systems interests.

The purpose is to ensure that your voice is listened to and your views taken into account. 

You set the agenda. The advocate will only take action that you have given consent for. The advocacy plan will be agreed with you.

The advocate has no other interest than to promote, support and defend your voice and rights. It is a one-to-one professional relationship.

Sage works with and on behalf of a person with their consent. Sage uses a Consent Form signed by their client, or their representative, which gives Sage permission to act on their behalf.